HealthBlog readers, and even those who don’t read HealthBlog, know that I am unabashedly a fan of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. As I have proclaimed here before, my Surface Pro 3 is the best computing device I have ever used. I don’t say that lightly,...(read more)


Last week, I shared information about the progress we are making on Windows 10 and some really cool new technologies, like HoloLens , that I believe will have a significant impact in health and medicine down the line. This week, I’d like to focus on something...(read more)


So yesterday was a big day here at Microsoft. Like many of you, I was glued to my computer screen while our business and product leaders updated the world on Windows 10 , Windows Phone, Xbox, and more. We learned that Cortana will be taking up residence...(read more)


The following story is absolutely true. Only the names of the people involved and the name of the academic medical center have  been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Over the years, I’ve written a number posts about the maddening and frustrating...(read more)


There’s good news and bad news coming out of the latest Merritt Hawkins’ survey of medical residents in their final year of training. The good news for resident physicians is that hospitals and health systems are recruiting and hiring. In fact, these...(read more)
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