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GNUmed now supports the following workflow:

- patient calls in asking for documentation on his back pain

- staff activates patient

- staff adds from the document archive to the patient
  export area a few documents clearly related to episodes
  of back pain

- staff writes inbox message to provider assigned to patient

- provider logs in, activates patient from inbox message

- provider adds a few more documents into the export area

- provider screenshots part of the EMR into the export area

- provider includes a few files from disk into export area

- provider creates a letter from a template and
  stores the PDF in the export area

- provider notifies staff via inbox that documents
  are ready for mailing to patient

- staff activates patient from inbox message

- staff burns export area onto CD or DVD and
  mails to patient

- staff clears export area

Burning media requires both a mastering application
(like k3b) and an appropriate script gm-burn_doc
(like the attached) to be installed. Burning onto
some media the directory passed to the burn script
produces an ISO image like the attached.

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Here it is

0.) do a full backup. Save it on some other media then your harddisk ! Do it,

1.) Install PG 9.3 ( I tried with 32bit but should not matter).

2.) Run the installer and select (English_UnitedStates) for locale (others
might work as well). Make sure it installs itself on port 5433 (or other but
never ! 5432).

3.) Make sure both PG 8.4 and PG 9.3 are running (e.g. via pgadmin3 from PG

4.) open a command shell (dos box) - "run as" administrator (!) in Win7

5.) type : RUNAS /USER:postgres "CMD.EXE"
- this will open another black box (command shell) for user postgres
- for the password use 'postgrespassword' (default)

6.) type: SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Programme\PostgreSQL\9.3\bin;
- instead of Programme it might be Program Files on your computer

7.) type: cd c:\windows\temp
- changes directory to a writable temporary directory

8.) type: pg_dump -p 5432 -Fc -f gnumedv18.backup gnumed_v18

9.) type: pg_dumpall -p 5432 --globals-only > globals.sql

Important : Protect your PG 8.4 by shutting it down temporarly

10.) type in the first command shell : net stop postgresql-8.4
- check that is says : successfully stopped

11.) psql -p 5433 -f globals.sql
- this will restore roles in the new database (PG 9.3 on port 5433)

12.) pg_restore -p 5433 --dbname postgres --create gnumedv18.backup
- this will restore the database v18 into the PG 9.3 on port 5433

Congratulations. You are done. Now to check some things.

Here you could run the fingerprint script on both databases to check for an
identical hash


13.) Open gnumed.conf in c:\programme\gnumed-client\
For the profile GNUmed database on this machine ("TCP/IP": Windows/Linux/Mac)]
change port=5432 to 5433.

14. Run the GNUmed client and check that it is working. If it works (no wrong
schema hash detected) you should see all your patient and data.

15. If you have managed to see you patients and everything is there close
GNUmed client 1.3.x.

16.) in the first command shell type: net stop postgresql-9.3

17.) Go to c:\Ptogramme\PostgresPlus\8.4SS\data and open postgresql.conf. Find
port = 5432 and change it to port = 5433

18.) Go to c:\Programme\Postgresql\9.3\data and open postgresql. Find port =
5433 and change it to 5432. This effectively switches ports for PG 8.4 and 9.3
so PG 9.3 runs on the default port 5432.

19.)  Open gnumed.conf in c:\programme\gnumed-client\
For the profile GNUmed database on this machine ("TCP/IP": Windows/Linux/Mac)]
change port=5433 to 5432.

20.) Restart PG 9.3 with: net start postgresql-9.3.

21.) Open the GNUmed client and connect (to PG 9.3 on port 5432).

22.) Leave PG 8.4 in a shutdown state.

So far we have transferred database v18 from PG 8.4 to 9.3. No data from PG
8.4 is touched/lost.

23.) Now you are free to install gnumed-server v19 and gnumed -client 1.4.
Having installed gnumed-server v19 select 'database upgrade' (not boostrap
database) and it will upgrade your v18 database to a v19 database.

In case you experience problems you can always shut down PG 9.3, switch ports again, install client 1.3.x, start PG 8.4 (net start postgresql-8.4) and work with your old setup.


The release notes prominently tell us that GNUmed 1.4.x requires at least PostgreSQL 9.1.

If you are running the Windows packages and have let GNUmed install PostgreSQL for you you are good to go since it comes with PostgreSQL 9.2 already.

If you are on Ubuntu or Debian Chances are your system still has PostgreSQL 8.x installed.

First check if you run any software that requires you to continue using PostgreSQL 8.x. If so you can install PG 9.1 side by side with it. If not let PG 9.1 replace PG 8.x

It usually works like this.

sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1
sudo pg_upgradecluster 8.4 main

Then if you don't need PG 8.4 anymore you could

sudo pg_dropcluster --stop 8.4 main
sudo apt-get purge postgresql-8.4

Have fun.


Hello all,

I am glad to be able to announce the immediate availability
of the GNUmed 1.4.0 Feature Release.

There are two important things to consider
before upgrading !

1) GNUmed 1.4/19.0 REQUIRES PostgreSQL 9.1

2) Before starting the new client for the first
time it is VERY advisable to set up an
organization and a unit thereof to be your
praxis and praxis location.


It brings about the following new features:


NEW: generic search in lists
NEW: nested placeholders
NEW: placeholder $$
NEW: list sorting by column header click [thanks J.Luszawski]
NEW: "Grünes Rezept" for Germany
NEW: manage your praxis with its branches
NEW: auto-hint "GVK-GU überfällig"
NEW: placeholder $$
NEW: placeholder $$
NEW: placeholder $$
NEW: dialog for post-processing template-generated documents
NEW: meta test type editing
NEW: management of billables
NEW: turn patient report results into waiting list entries
NEW: show relevant measurements in current substances list
NEW: AUDIT alcohol disorder screening
NEW: print/export of EMR timeline
NEW: ATRIA OAC bleeding risk score
NEW: export of individual document parts
NEW: EMR tree: support showing revisions
NEW: manual deletion of encounters

IMPROVED: hook nesting/cycling detection
IMPROVED: document in chart mailing of document parts
IMPROVED: just set DB lang at startup if missing, do not ask
IMPROVED: substance intake EA: PRW_aim context dependant on substance
IMPROVED: encounter EA: improved display of patient context
IMPROVED: new patient EA: warn on existing external ID
IMPROVED: new patient EA: warn on existing name + DOB
IMPROVED: substance PRW: prefer previously used as suggestions
IMPROVED: report failing auto-hints to the user
IMPROVED: make be category "admin" so they do not
delete to soapU
IMPROVED: measurements workflow adjustments [thanks Jim and Rogerio]
IMPROVED: enable generic lists" extra buttons to operate on
IMPROVED: access level role names
IMPROVED: check MD5 sum of newly inserted document objects for extra
IMPROVED: current medication list template
IMPROVED: backup/restore automatically applies DB settings adjustments
IMPROVED: default episode "administrative" rather than "administration"
IMPROVED: EMR tree: listing/editing switch button label
IMPROVED: EMR tree: show journal for unassociated episodes pool
IMPROVED: EMR tree: keep expansion state across node edits
IMPROVED: current_meds_tables/*_notes placeholder can now span pages
IMPROVED: waiting list [thanks Jerzy]
IMPROVED: streamlined form templates management
IMPROVED: display of long-text test results
IMPROVED: improved SOAP selection list
IMPROVED: more clinically relevant display of substance intake start
IMPROVED: test results plotting: deal with "N" pseudo-numeric
IMPROVED: patient search now supports "LASTNAME, NICKNAME"
IMPROVED: document tree: keep expansion state across node edits


Requires PostgreSQL 9.1 !

FIX: disable faulty clin-encounter.sql in v4 -> v5

NEW: view changes for Jerzy's plugins
NEW: support data checksums with PG 9.3

IMPROVED: much simplified table mod announcement signal
IMPROVED: include FKs in schema version check
IMPROVED: remove .ddd/.unit from ref.atc
IMPROVED: EMR entry on deleting a document

Downloads available from:

Client installation:

Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
will be available shortly.

Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
or use the net based client installer:

which you need to download, make executable, and run.

More information available here:

Database installation / upgrade:

Note that this release, as usual, DOES require
a database upgrade which you install by

$> gm-upgrade_server 18 19


$> cd .../server/bootstrap/
$> ./ 19

Related information is found here:

Please download, install, and report problems !

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