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GNUmed often is perceived as overly complex. There always are two sides to a story.

GNUmed was designed as a system that not only supports input of medical facts but output as well. The better and the more strucutred the input the more magic can be done while outputting the information. However structured input often is perceived as a burden by the clinican. The benefits are easily overlooked.

Just recently a new EMR software was started because of GNUmed's complexity. This particual physician wanted something simple.

From day one GNUmed was designed to seperate the user interface (exposed to the physician). This at least in theory gives the flexibility to run different interfaces on top of GNUmed's base system.

Long story we have listened to what you had to say and offer a simplified note taking plugin in GNUmed.

GNUmed 1.1.9 has been released. This contains an important code change needed to get GNUmed fully working on MS Windows again.

MS Windows packages are now fully fixed and ready for consumption.

Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and openSUSE, Redhat and friends are likely to follow this week.

Have fun and report any problems you encounter.



Thanks to the great work of the Debian-med team GNUmed 1.1.7 is now available for Ubuntu Maverick, Natty and Oneiric.

It sports many new features for making your life easier.

Have fun.


Hi all,

TWiki at was in need of an update because of security reasons. I did update TWiki and replaced it with Foswiki. Foswiki is a fork of TWiki over some licensing issues (can you say libreoffice).

Most likely some things will be broken because of that. I tried to think of most issues (Blacklist plugin, PublishPlugin) but if you notice something let me know.

Update: Peter Thoeny wrote in to ask me what gave the impression that TWiki was forked over a licensing issue. My memory has failed on me. It really seems to have been a trademark issue and governance model issues. TWiki has served us well and I would like to thank Peter and the team for their great work. The choice of Foswiki was really just that I remembered there was an alternative. Installation was easy and straightforward. To be fair I did not test the latest TWiki which might just be equally nice or even better.



Unfortunately packaging GNUmed 1.1.7 required some time consuming changes compared to GNUmed 1.1.4. We had to update python, wxpython and a few more including pyinstaller.

But finally it has happened and makes for a solid foundation for future versions (I hope).

Get it from



GNUmed release team



GNUmed 1.2 is under heavy development. Among many other features it will sport a brand new patient overview plugin.


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