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The 30th Anniversary Standards and Implementation Meeting of the International Healthcare Modelling Standards Development Organisation (IHMSDO) will be held in Beijing, China. IHMSDO's CEO Rasmussen, speaking at the recent HIMSS AsiaPac event in Brisbane, Australia, expects over 1,100 developers, implementers and users to attend. "I expect a similar number to attend by tele-presence, so we will have well over 2000 participants." said Rasmussen. After the recent amalgamation of HL7 with DICOM and IHE, IHMSDO has significantly accelerated e-Health and Telehealth roll-outs globally. IHMSDO will meet 11-16 September 2016 in Beijing, China.


The next Working Meeting, held in San Diego, USA, will be the 25th anniversary of the founding of Health Level 7. During this time, HL7 has grown from a group of US implementers frustrated with an ever-increasing number of point-to-point interfaces to the leading authority for global healthcare IT standards. While the scope of the first standard was limited to administration of patients, diagnostic laboratory reporting and billing, HL7 today covers all areas of healthcare including genomics. The HL7 meeting in San Diego will be held from 11-16 September 2011.


The next Working Meeting of HL7 International, the leading authority for global healthcare IT standards, will be held May 15-20 in Orlando, Florida, USA. More than 50 Work Groups, Committees and Task Forces will meet to progress the HL7 V2.x, CDA, V3 and EHR Standards.


The recent HL7 International standards organisation Working Meeting in Sydney, Australia, was acclaimed by all attending as a great success. Nearly 350 participants from over 25 countries worked January 9-14 in more than 50 Work Groups, Committees and Task Forces to progress the HL7 V2.x, CDA, V3 and EHR Standards. Many commented on the excellent work environment and the spectacular networking cruise on Sydney Harbour! The first Australian Health Informatics Summer School held in the follwoing week attracted over 40 students from the Asia-Pacific region.


Registrations for the next Working Meeting of the HL7 International standards organisation to be held 9-14 January 2011 in Sydney, Australia, are now open. Additional to the meetings of more than 50 Work Groups, Committees and Task Forces to progress the HL7 V2.x, CDA, V3 and EHR Standards, the event provides an extensive range of Courses, Tutorials and Workshops on CDISC, SOA in Healthcare, GS1, IHE, openEHR, etc. that will allow Australians to hear and learn the very latest developments from the global experts and leaders in e-health. An academic Summer School will also be held.


The presentations given at the HL7 International Plenary Meeting held 3-8 October 2010 in Boston, USA, are now available for download. The slides include "Genetics and Genomics in Clinical Medicine" by Raju Kucherlapati and "Personal Genome Project" by George Church, both from the Harvard Medical School. Summaries of the Panel are also available.
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